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Welcome to the Bell Research Group Website

Department of Atmospheric Science
Walter Scott Jr., College of Engineering
Colorado State University
Tropical Cyclones

Research on structure and intensity change, mesoscale dynamics, and seasonal forecasting of hurricanes and typhoons

High Impact Weather

Research on severe storms, heavy rainfall, and other high impact weather

Radar Meteorology

Research with Doppler and polarimetric radars using advanced techniques and open source tools

Aircraft Observations

Expertise collecting and analyzing research aircraft data in atmospheric science field experiments

Research Group

Ting-Yu Cha (M.S) obtained her B.S. from National Taiwan University and is researching radar analysis techniques

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Ting-Yu Cha

Eleanor Delap (M.S.) obtained her B.S. from Valparaiso University and is researching the tropical cyclone boundary layer

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Ellie Delap

Naufal Razin (M.S.) obtained his B.S. from the University of Hawaii and is researching convection in tropical cyclones

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Naufal Razin

Annette Foerster (Post-Doc) obtained her Ph.D. from the University of Hawaii and is researching radar analysis techniques and tropical cyclones

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Annette Foerster

Phil Klotzbach (Research Scientist III) obtained his Ph.D. from Colorado State University and is researching intraseasonal and seasonal forecasting of tropical cyclones

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Phil Klotzbach

Michael Bell (Principal Investigator) obtained his Ph.D. from the Naval Postgraduate School and joined the CSU Faculty in 2016

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Michael Bell

More about the Research Group

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Our primary interests are in tropical, mesoscale, and radar meteorology. A central focus of our research is studying the mesoscale structure and intensification of tropical cyclones throughout their life-cycle from genesis to extratropical transition. This research is accomplished through the collection and analysis of research quality observations from aircraft and Doppler radars, in conjunction with high-resolution numerical modeling. A significant component of our research effort is also aimed at improving mesoscale and radar analysis techniques and open source software tools.


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We are located in the Foothills Campus of the Department of Atmospheric Science at Colorado State University in beautiful Fort Collins, Colorado.
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